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Pool Maintenance

Reliable service you can trust

We specialize in chlorine-based residential and commercial pools
If your pool is unsightly and cloudy, trust us for reliable pool chemical service and cleaning

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Welcome to Cantu Pool Services

For Estimates and to restore your pool to its beautiful sparkling allure!

We have helped thousands of clients with pool service in South Texas, and are ready to service your South Texas area swimming pool today!

Call Our Office Today at  956-897-0323

What people are saying about us

Crystal Clear Water!

Our pool had turned into a nasty green swamp since the pump was giving out and had to be replaced. Mr Cantu was very responsive and got the job done quick! I went from having horrible algae buildup to crystal clear water in 2 days. 1 day to do the pump replacement and chemical balancing, and then the next for vacuuming what had settled. Mr Cantu was very knowledgeable about our system and had great recommendations for keeping our pool clear blue year round. I will definitely be calling him back if I run into any issues.

- Larry D.

A+ Service!

So thankful for your A+ service! Mr. Cantu was prompt, courteous, and very professional. Our pool repair was done in an extremely timely manner and we were so grateful for his knowledge and expertise. Look no further, Mr. Cantu is your go to pool expert! Thank you!

- Danette T.


Amazing customer service. I’m new to pools and Mr. Cantu took the time to explain everything. Pricing is higher than others but you pay for what you get. If you want the best go with Mr. Cantu.

- Adam J.

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