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Cantu Pool Service and Repair Standard Service Agreement
To Ensure All Parties are on the Same Page Prior to Starting Service

Expenses included in the regular weekly rate schedule are as follows:

  • Test Chlorine & pH chemical levels

  • Add chemicals as needed (includes: chlorine sanitizers [tablets, liquid, or powder], Shock[tablets, liquid, or powder], Soda Ash [powder] and diatomaceous earth.)

  • Check equipment for proper operation and filter pressure

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets

  • Empty automatic pool sweep bag/leaf canister

  • Backwash filter as needed

  • Adjust programming as needed

  • Skim and net water surface

  • Brush steps, swim outs, tile and walls

  • Vacuum pool floor & debris  if needed

Expenses not included in the regular weekly rate schedule are as follows:

  • Excessive cleanup (storms, vandalism, excessive landscape debris)

  • DE filter cleaning – (minimum two per year)

  • Parts for repairs

  • Labor for repairs

  • Additional service calls

  • Specialty chemicals (stain and scale treatments, oil enzymes, conditioner, stabilizer, phosphate removers, etc)

  • Annual conditioner, algaecide, phosphate charge

  • Excessive amounts of chlorine, acid, salt, etc. (Due to bather load, dogs, leaking pools, excessive debris, waterfalls, etc)

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the proper water level. (To avoid serious damage to pool equipment)

  • Keep trees and plants trimmed away from pool. (Not to hang over deck or pool)

  • Empty Baskets daily during Spring season. (Depending on the amount of trees surrounding the pool)

  • Landscape completed 2 days prior to service. (Grass clippings inside pool to be cleared by yard service)

  • Provide clear access to pool and equipment, keep pump area clean.

  • Remove pool covers, solar covers/rings, toys, rafts, etc. on day of service.

  • Assure that all gates are operating properly. Service technician assumes no responsibility for maintaining fences or gates at customer’s property

  • Backwash hoses are to be supplied by the customer. (If needed)


  • Services can be cancelled by either party at any time.

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