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Pool Cleaning Equipment

Need a second opinion?

Changed after 20 years with the oldest company. They were charging me monthly for pool services they were not providing. They would not return calls and my pool was green and not functioning. I fired them an called Cantu. What a difference. He responded to my call immediately. He spent six hours doing what the other company had not done. When Cantu finished my pool sparkled and was beautiful. Once again. It had not looked like this in years. Thank you Mr Cantu

Arturo T.

"Cantu's Pool Service is, without a doubt, the BEST pool service you will find!!! Mr. Cantu and his staff have been servicing our pool for several years now and they are ALWAYS professional, respectful, and helpful!! We used 5-6 different pool services before we were fortunate enough to come into contact with Cantu's Pool Service and I sure am glad we did!! Our pool has never looked better!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Cantu and Cantu's Pool won't be disappointed!!"

David G.

"We have used Cantu Pool Service for 2 yrs, and we have been very pleased with the service.If we have a problem, we call Mr. Cantu and we have service the same day or within a 24 hr period.He has become a very good friend to us, and we are grateful for his service."

Ginny M.

"Totally recommend Cantu’s Pool Service extremely satisfied with all work and service. My pool has never been so clean and beautiful wished I had known about this company a few years back. 👍 👌 🙌"

Diana A.

Mr. Cantu knows what he is doing! We have been struggling all summer with our pool turning green. My husband has tried everything to get it clear again, and nothing worked. One of Mr. Cantu’s satisfied customers gave me his name. He knew exactly what was wrong! He spent a couple hours late yesterday afternoon putting in a different kind of filter and told us the pool would be clear by this morning. He was right! We are so thrilled! We highly recommend Mr. Cantu for your pool needs.

Terry D.

What a quick and experienced professional! The quality of work was impressive and provided excellent service in an emergency situation. I have used pool services in the past; however, he blew all of them “out of the water”. I highly recommend!

Joe G.

After so many pool companies not doing their job right I am so glad I found Mr. Cantu he did an amazing job to our pool today. Our pool had algie on the walls it look dirty last week we paid another company and they left it worst they promise that they will be back for a 2nd visit and they never came back I literally cried I paid money and the pool look the same dirty walls!!! Today Mr. cantu did the job I was amazed of the job he did to my pool looks like new!!! He will be the one doing or weekly services :) Thank you Mr.Cantu!!!

Yessica O.

Best thing I ever did was to call him. The man took his time to explain everything to me. Will highly recommend him.

Kaitlyn S.

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